Tarot Reader YYC



Tracey O 

Joyce helped us feel comfortable as she explained the process. Her insight into the art continues to resonate with me. It was a peaceful, enlightening, and fun experience!

 Robert C

Joyce's interpretation of the encaustic picture reflected many aspects of my life. I would recommend this experience to others. 

Aly R 

I have had several readings with Joyce in the last year... even when I was in another Province and couldn’t see her physically she read for me over FaceTime! Her messages and timing are so accurate! I go back every time something major comes up in my life and I need clarification or direction. She is such a warm, fun person that you can’t help but love her! I would definitely recommend Joyce!

Jennifer S

I highly recommend Joyce with Tarot Readings.

Rather than tell you what's going to happen, she helps you to see what's happening RIGHT NOW. This helps you to be fully aware of situations that are happening in the moment, such as influences that are acting on you and help to emphasis blocks you may be currently experiencing. In certain situations, she can help you to see things very clear and if you are unsure which path to take, you will most likely know which is best for you after a reading.

You will get fresh perspective on your life and also see what parts of your life you may be neglecting. She will help you to make more balanced, insightful decisions going into the future. She may tell you to choose your words carefully and calm down a little, which she has told me many, many times....side note: I am still working on that.

If you are feeling stuck, or struggling with a part of your life or if you just wish to have some new insight, I highly recommend you send Joyce a message, you will not be disappointed!