Tarot Reader YYC


Ryan M


I was skeptical but was encouraged by my wife to go see her.  There was no way she could know the things she knew.  What a talent and I'm pleased to say I'm a believer!

Cheryl V

Joyce is amazing! I've been to a few readers but none has been as spot on and mind blowing!

Terah P 

She recommended that I recorded the reading.  I didn't believe the things she was telling me... but now I'm moving to Europe and starting school in the fall. Just like she said would happen! 

Wendy S 

The insight and relief Joyce provided was immeasurable.   Her lovely soul and quick wit is both charming and comforting.    She is gifted, kind and phenomenal.  She does not disappoint.  

Tracey O 

Joyce helped us feel comfortable as she explained the process. Her insight into the art continues to resonate with me. It was a peaceful, enlightening, and fun experience!

 Robert C

Joyce's interpretation of the encaustic picture reflected many aspects of my life. I would recommend this experience to others. 

Aly R 

I have had several readings with Joyce in the last year... even when I was in another Province and couldn’t see her physically she read for me over FaceTime! Her messages and timing are so accurate! I go back every time something major comes up in my life and I need clarification or direction. She is such a warm, fun person that you can’t help but love her! I would definitely recommend Joyce!

Jennifer S

I highly recommend Joyce with Tarot Readings.  Rather than tell you what's going to happen, she helps you to see what's happening RIGHT NOW.  if you're feeling stuck, or struggling with a part of your life or if you just wish to have some new insight, I highly recommend you send Joyce a message, you will not be disappointed!